Lost Places in Baden-Württemberg

Entdecke Lost Places in Baden-Württemberg

Lost Places are abandoned locations where people once resided. Former factories, hospitals, airports, psychiatric hospitals, entertainment venues, military buildings and similar locations are the targets of Urban Explorer. Here you can learn about Lost Places in Baden-Württemberg and how to discover them.

You probably searched for Lost Places Baden-Württemberg and that's why you landed on this page. There are plenty of abandoned places in Baden-Württemberg and we'll show you which lost places we've already explored and what you should definitely look out for.

Most of the time, Lost Places are structures from recent history that either have not yet been historically reappraised, or are not of general interest due to their low importance and therefore are not considered worthy of special mention. Once these abandoned places were inhabited, or served as a place of work, until they were closed at some point and fell into oblivion.

The term Lost Place is often used synonymously with ruins from industrial history or military installations that are no longer in use. However, the actual term applies to any place that has fallen into oblivion with its original use. In particular, this includes places that are not consciously preserved for posterity as industrial monuments and thus made accessible to a broad public.

The fascination of these places, which are often completely forgotten, lies exactly in this originality and the lack of development, which offers the visitor the opportunity to go on a journey of discovery. In doing so, one can experience the history of this lost place individually and up close. However, this lack of development also often underestimates the dangers, so you should be very careful when visiting. Furthermore, the entry of such Lost Places is rarely legally clearly regulated.

For many people who deal with abandoned places, it is also a form of local history. Here you can find numerous documentations of abandoned places. Even in nude photography there is a separate Lost Places genre. The reason for this is often that a tension is created between the morbid charm of the abandoned places and the models. With a little research of your own, you too can find a beautiful Lost Place in Baden-Württemberg.

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